• HSPVA provides a pre-professional college preparatory program which focuses on educational experiences in the Performing and Visual Arts.  Because of the nature of the program, all students must respond maturely and responsibly to the challenges provided.


    I understand that:

    I must maintain good attendance.  Poor attendance or tardy issues may result in my being exited from HSPVA.

    I am not permitted to leave during the school day without consent of parent or guardian and HSPVA office approval.

    I am responsible for attending classes, arriving promptly and remaining in class throughout the scheduled day.

    I must sign-out with the Attendance Office to receive permission to leave before the regular dismissal time.

    I must complete all required class work and do so independently.

    I must achieve in my academics as well as my art area classes.

    I must make-up all work missed within five days following my return to class after an absence.

    I must maintain an overall average of 77% or better in each art area class and  70% or better in each academic class.

    I am responsible for lost or damaged property and textbooks.

    I may be prosecuted for illegal activities.

    Malicious defacing or destruction of school property will result in my immediate release from HSPVA.

    I must pass a yearly re-audition.

    I must demonstrate continuous and consistent artistic progress.

    HSPVA may use my photograph or an interview for recruitment purposes or publicity.

    I must actively participate in ALL ART AREA classes and activities.  Consistent inability to participate due to ineligibility, illness or injury may result in my release from HSPVA.

     I will:

    Behave in a mature and respectful manner, cooperating with teachers, other professionals and my fellow students.

    Arrive in my classes on time.

    Not use profanity.

    Not use drugs, tobacco or alcohol. Any illegal substance found in my possession may result in my release from HSPVA.

    Respect and care for all equipment, supplies and school property offered for my use.

    Abide by the rules regarding computer usage set forth in the HSPVA Acceptable Use Policy.

    Attend all rehearsals and performances in my art area including those scheduled after school hours.

    Abide by the rules of the HISD Code of Student Conduct and the HSPVA Guide for Students.

    Place participation in HSPVA performances above those which may be sponsored by non-school organizations.


    I may be placed on probation or I may be released from HSPVA.

    General Probationary Policies:

    1.     My parent or guardian will be informed of my probation by mail and will be requested to come to a conference.

    2.     A Growth Plan for improvement will be drafted which will include a specific date of review.

    3.     After the review date, the Probation/Exit Review Board will determine if the objectives of the Growth Plan have been met.

    4.     If reasonable progress HAS NOT been made, I may be released to my zoned school.


     A magnet transfer is a one-year commitment.  A recommendation from the growth plan committee could result in a student losing his or her place in this magnet program at the end of the year and returning to their zoned or another choice school at the beginning of the next school year.

    • Students placed in an alternative school (DAEP) will enroll in their zoned school upon completing of their alternative placement.
    • Students cannot be placed in the regular educational program on the same campus where they have a magnet transfer.
    • All students are limited to a single transfer each school year.
    • Should the child choose to leave the program voluntarily before the end of the school year, he or she may return only to their zoned campus.  A voluntary exit form must be completed if a student withdraws from the program before the end of the year.