• Lee High School Parent Involvement Policy

    Part 1: General Expectations

    Title 1 requires schools to develop jointly, to agree with, and distribute to, parents of participating students. Parents shall also be involved in decisions concerning choice of programming, funding for parent involvement activities and evaluation of the effectiveness in improving student academic achievement and school performance.


    Lee High School has developed a parent involvement policy to detail how parents can be actively involved in their child's education. This policy was developed with the cooperation of Title 1 parents, faculty and administrative staff with Principal Monica Quintero and Title 1 Coordinator.


    We believe if students are to be successful, their parents must be actively involved in their education. Lee High School developed this policy to describe how we involve parents and help them to help their children. Parent Involvement is a key part of our school’s mission statement: In partnership with parents and community, Lee High School provides a quality education by empowering individuals to become caring, self-sufficient citizens, who value education as a life long process.


    Part 2: Parent Involvement Policy Components

    Notifications include but are not limited to students’ agenda, school’s website, family call out, and morning announcements to encourage attendance and participation. Prior to the first day of school, families attend General Camp for school orientation. Within the first three weeks of school, parents receive notification of an annual meeting scheduled in the evening. At that time, the principal informs parents of the school’s participation in the Title 1 program and the right of parents to be involved. The Title 1 Coordinator explains and posts the purpose of the Title 1 program. In addition, the program standards and budget are displayed to help parents and faculty understand the purpose, requirements and benefits of a school wide Title 1 program. This is held jointly with Open House as it is popularly attended.

    Parents are advised of their right to be involved and contribute to the development of the Parent Involvement Policy and the School – Parent Compact. The Compact describes ways in which parents can support their child’s learning such as homework completion, monitoring attendance and being a school volunteer. An annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of the parent involvement policy toward improving the academic quality of the school is performed.


    Training is provided to the faculty and staff  as well as parents. They are aware of the importance of home and school connections and communications. Examples of involving parents as partners include team meetings, parent conferences and family counseling.


    Another role of the school is to provide information about education laws. Parents are provided with information about the National Education Goals, No Child Left Behind, Title 1 requirements, Parent Notification and Right to Know, FERPA Notification of Rights, PPRA Notice and Texas performance standards such as TEKS and TAKS. A description of standardized testing is provided to all families each school year.


    Part 3: Accessibility:

    Participation and involvement of all parents is important to promote family literacy and improve parenting skills. Information related to student achievement, school performance, programs and meetings are sent home in the home language whenever possible. Some of the standard information is sent home in English and Spanish including the School - Parent Compact, school wide call out and other announcements. Other adaptations such as interpreters, translators and handicapped access are provided as needed.


    The Student-Teacher-Parent Compact outlines activities that the student, school and parents will undertake to build and develop a partnership to help students achieve high academic standards. This Compact addresses the importance of communication between parents and teachers through parent/teacher emails/conferences, frequent progress reports and access to staff. Parents are encouraged to register to at www.houstonisd.org / VIPS login and volunteer/participate in school activities.


    The school strives to provide a safe, welcoming and caring environment for engaging in learning. Teachers will promote student learning and achievement by providing a rigorous I B curriculum aligned to promote literacy and encourage students to develop a sense of personal, academic and civic pride. Every student has an equitable educational opportunity to learn. If requested by phone, email or in person,  a meeting with their child’s teaching team is arranged. Our grade level Professional Learning Community of teachers may also call for a meeting to discuss the educational needs of a child.


    Part 4: Adoption

    The School Parent Involvement Policy has been developed jointly with, and agreed on with, parents of children participating in the Title 1, Part A programs. The policy was adopted by Lee High School on 12/10/2012 and will be in effect for the 2013-14 school year. The policy will be made available on the school’s web site and updated as necessary to meet the needs of the students, parents and faculty. The school will distribute this policy to all parents on or before December 21, 2012. If the school wide program plan is not satisfactory to the parents of participating children, the school will submit parents' comments on the plan to the Department of External Funding and revise the plan as advised by the HISD Title 1 Part A Parental Involvement Program Administrator and District designees as advised.


    Title 1 Coordinator