• class of 2025


    WELCOME ...to your freshman year at CVHS!  We are SO very glad to have you become part of our Carnegie community. Carnegie is a nationally-ranked, rigorous program that is the home to a 100% Gifted & Talented population.



     A CVHS freshman typically takes SEVEN courses.  This year we will be on a modified block schedule.  Monday and Tuesday are 7-period days, Wednesday and Thursday are block days.  Wednesday you will go to period 2, advocacy, lunch, and then periods 4and 6.  Thursday you will go to periods 1, 3, lunch and then periods 5 and 7.  Friday is a normal 7-period day.  Your classes will include Advanced English I, Advanced Biology, AP Human Geography, Alvanced Algebra I, Advanced Geometry, or Advanced Algebra 2 (depending on what was taken in 8th grade), Physical Education (PE), Art I or Theatre I, and Spanish I or II, French I or II.



     A typical CVHS day/night includes homework.  Amounts vary by course load, individual teacher, previous preparation, and student work habits.  Loads may vary from one to four hours per day, including weekends.   Please encourage your child to talk to their teacher if they are feeling overwhelmed or if they are falling behind. Our teachers WANT to help your student succeed! All teachers will have their email info posted in their classroom, as well as on their syllabus.  



    Since most students do not live nearby, clubs usually meet during the 90-min. lunch period.  Theatre and sports regularly meet after school.    



    It is very important for you to remember that your school already provides you with multiple tools for success:

    • a complimentary student planner (for organizing your responsibilities and assignments)
    • a campus-wide retake policy for two assessments per cycle (quiz/test)
    • National Honors Societies can also provide peer tutors by content area:  English, Math, Foreign Language, etc.
    • an amazing guidance counselor support team!  
    • a supportive faculty  (always know when to ask for help -- our doors are always open to you)
    • a helpful administration (they are always available to help/advise you as needed) 

    The only factor missing from this list is... YOU! 




    Antonio Arredondo:  Biology and Chemistry

    Amalia Masiglat:  AP Environmental Science, Biology

    Jamie Ford:  Biology, AP Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Scientific Research & Design


    English/Language Arts

    Rachel Bohenick:  English 1 and Photogtraphy

    Josephine Lee:  English 1, English 2 and Journalism

    Erica Harris:  English 1 and AP English Language



    Julea Brode:  Algebra 1 and 2

    Sanjog Kulkarni:  Geometry


    Human Geography

    Charlotte Haney:  AP Human Geography, AP Goverment, and AP Macroeconomics

    Colleen Schmidt:  AP Human Geography, AP Research


    Foreign Languages

    Patricia Savala: French I-III

    Juan Pena:  Spanish 1 and 2



    Abderahman Lamane:  Physical Education, Health, Weightlifting

    Raymond Rodriguez:  Art 1 - 4

    Steward Savage:  Theatre Arts I-III, Tech Theatre I-II, Shakespeare, Productions I-II

    Miyuki Scott:  Physical Education, Dance, Health, Spirit Team, Volleyball