Early Admissions Trends Class of 2023 - Top Tier Admissions

    Welcome Back Sophomore Rhinos!

    Congratulations on a successful freshman year, and welcome back to CVHS. The tenth grade curriculum core teachers meet each month as a PLC, or professional learning community, to discuss student progress and opportunities for cross-curricular instruction.  We are here to serve the tenth grade class as a team, and we work with Mr. Moss and Ms. Matsu each month to meet the needs of the sophomore class.   

    English Language Arts (ELA)

                   Mr. Maxim Ostovsky (English II)    

                   Mr. James Parker (English II) 


     Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

                   Ms. Veronica Vence (Spanish I and II)                                               

                   Ms. Luisa Jimenez (Spanish II, III, IV, V)                                                                                

                   Ms. Particia Savala (French)  

                   Ms. Claire Gueneau (Spanish, French)                                                                



                   Mr. James Barnes (Geometry, AP Statistics)     

                   Ms. Julea Brode (Algebra I and II)                                                                                    

                   Mr. Sanjog Kulkarni (Geometry)                                                                      

                   Ms. Jennifer Ramon (Precalculus AB)

                   Ms. Stephanie Chen (Algebra II)

                   Mr. Armand Ramones (Computer Science)     

                   Mr. Miguel Inchaurregui (Algebra II)                                                      


                   Mr. Joshua Garcia (Chemistry, AP Chemistry)                                                

                   Ms. Marina Rodriguez (Chemistry, Pre-AP Physics)   

                   Mr Antonio Arredondo (Chemistry, Biology)

                   Ms. Anne Marie Wakefield (AP Physics 1) 

    Social Studies

                   Ms. Kristen Davis-Owen (AP World History)                                          

                   Ms. Jane Schulz (AP World History)                                         

     AP Capstone

                  Robert Houghton (AP Seminar)
                  Ms. SaM Shields (AP Seminar) 

    Physical Education

                  Ms. Miyuki Scott (Physical Education, Dance, Health, Spirit Team, Volleyball)
                  Mr. Abderahman Lamane (Physical Education, Health, Weightlifting)