English Get To Know Me Assignment


    Mask on.

    Erica Harris



    English 1 Pre-AP 
    English 3 AP 
    Letters of Recommendation
    Due to a record high number of students I am teaching this year, I will have to limit the amount of recommendation letters I can produce.
    As of now, priority will be given to those students who received an award from me last year.
    Complete THIS GOOGLE FORM no later than Friday 9/2.
    IF there is time available after these letters have been completed, then I will re-open up the Google Form for additional requests. 
    Please note: This in no way is a reflection on my willingness to write you a letter--you all were a great junior class, and given more time, I could agree to write a lot more.
    This limitation is in every way a reflection on the growing amount of work needed to be done for a larger student population. 
    I wish ALL of you the best of luck as you complete your high school experience at Carnegie! :-)
    English 1 Pre-AP INFO:
    (Will be updated for 22-23 school year soon)  
    1) Have your summer reading completed NO LATER THAN 9/6--your first major assignment will use the book.
    2) Book options are listed here.
    2) Please email me at eharri10@houstonisd.org if you need help getting the book.
    3) Have this form filled out by the first day of school.
    English 3 AP Language & Composition INFO:
    (Will be updated for 22-23 school year soon)
    1) Have your summer reading & assignment completed NO LATER THAN 9/6 for an in-class major assignment that week.   
    B.A. in English from UT
    M.A. in English Literature from UH, English teacher at Carnegie 10+ yrs
    Some things that I like... 
    Gordon Parks, "Boy With Junebug"  
    Gordon Parks
    Amy Sherald  
    Amy Sherald
    Alice Neel  
    Alice Neel
    Adventure Time
    Houston bred  
    Barkley Hendricks
    Graphic Novels (Chris Ware is a favorite.)
    Tina Belcher 
    Octavia Butler
    James Turrell