Horace Elrod Elementary has a tradition of having supportive Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs), the’ primary purpose is to support schools by providing financing, volunteerism, and special activities that make our school unique.

    PTOs consist of parents, school staff, and the principal (or lead teacher). All parents are invited to be involved. Typically, the PTO has officers—president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer—who help guide the group. They work with the principal (or lead teacher) to establish a budget and calendar of events. Each PTO has by-laws that help guide its mission. We establish PTO meeting schedules for the year. Meetings are usually once per quarter or as needed for emergency reasons.

    The vital purpose of the PTO is financial support. PTOs have been able to supplement or provide educational programs that school budgets cannot afford. Examples include purchasing playground equipment, paying for field trips, providing funds for performing arts, and buying little "extras" for classrooms. PTOs use fundraisers as a source of revenue to support these purchases.

    If you would like more information about the PTO here at Horace W. Elrod Elementary, please contact the office at 713-778-3330.