SHIRTS: The Apollo “Mascot” school shirts may be worn and can be purchased from Sharpstown HS. Any shirt or top is acceptable as long as it covers appropriately, shoulders and midriff should not be visible.  The shirt or top must not be see-through, nor should it reveal any cleavage.

    PANTS, SHORTS, SKIRTS:  should be worn at the waist. Shorts and skirts that fit appropriately and are not shorter that the tips of the fingers when the student is standing erect. Both pants and skirts may be purchased at any retail store. They will not be sold on campus

    SHOES:  Shoes must be appropriate and safe. 

    BACK PACKS AND OTHER INFORMATION: Bookbags and backpacks are allowed in any color. Face or body paint and hair rollers are not permitted. Clothing that expresses gang affiliation is prohibited (judgment of the school).