Dress Code Guidelines for 2023 - 2024

    The following guidelines have been set forth to ensure an optimal learning environment for all students. It is essential for students to present themselves in a manner that is conducive to the educational process, free from distractions.

    Adherence to these standards is not just an expectation but a responsibility. Any student found not in compliance will be asked to rectify the infraction promptly.

    These measures have been put in place, to prioritize student safety and promote consistency within the school environment:

    Uniform Shirts: Grade-Level Color Assignments

    Uniform shirts play a crucial role in maintaining school unity and identity. To further foster a sense of belonging and differentiation, shirts have been color-coded based on grade levels.

    9th Grade
    9th Grade Image
    10th Grade
    10th Grade Image
    11th Grade
    11th Grade Image
    12th Grade
    12th Grade Image

    Uniform Bottoms

    Uniform Bottoms

    Students are permitted to wear any school-appropriate pants, shorts, or skirts, provided they adhere to the stipulations outlined below:

    • Colors & Fabrics:
      • Navy blue
      • Black
      • Khaki
      • Denim
    • Condition: All bottoms should be free from holes, tears, or shredded hemlines. 
    • Length: All bottoms must be of appropriate and respectable length.