• Candiss Drexler-Richardson
    Dance Instructor/ Director of Charlie's Angels, Milby Divas, and Milby Marching Thunder Band
    Mrs. Drexler-Richardson graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.
  • Dance Level 1
    Beginner Dance Class: This class will learn the basic in dance movement from all genres. This class will train you to be a well rounded artist. You will learn how to properly stretch and strengthen your muscles for the class and other activities. This dance class is not only fun but you will become a part of the Fine Arts Family 
    Dance Level 2
     Intermiediate Dance Class: This class will continue in the discovery of dance and all types of movement, different dance genres will be covered and will begin creating simple dance movement. This class will bring out the true artist and creativeness that larks inside of every student.
    Dance Level 3
    Intermediate- Advance Dance Class: This class will cover many differnt dance genres. This class will begin to explore the art of choreography and stage performance. This class will be able expand their knowledge of dance and performance.
    Dance Level 4
    Advance Dance Class:  This class will cover many different dance genres. This class will choreograph a performance ready dance routine. This class will be trained to perform in many different settings. This class will embark and be knowledgeable about different possiibilities that dance can offer in the future.
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