• NAME: Ms. Millicent Herron

    BACKGROUND INFO: My name is Ms. Herron. I have taught at Milby High school for the last 31 years and I currently teach Environmental Systems and Earth Space Science. I am a proud Milby Buff and I look forward to this school year.

    EMAIL/ CONTACT: mherron@houstonisd.org

    OFFICE HOURS/PARENT CONFERENCE TIMES: Tuesdays/ Thursdays: 9:31am-11:01am

    Student grades will be recorded in the district mandated on-line portal-Power

    Grades will be weighted as follows:
    Classwork 45%
    Tests 30%
    Quizzes 15%
    Homework 10%
    Grading Scale
    A= 90-100
    B= 80-89
    C= 75-79
    F= 69-0

  • Biology 
    Biology focuses on the study of living things.   This course is designed to give students a general understanding of what things are made of, the interdependence of living things, and how organisms interact with their environment.  
    Environmental Systems
    This course gives students an understanding of the environment while being able to analyze qualitative  data pertaining to the environment.   The course explores choices and decisions which are made by students daily and the positive and negative impact which they have on the environment around us.
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