Phone: 713-696-2720


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Roy White

Karate, KickStartKids

Conference Periods: 3rd and 6th


Welcome to the Burbank Middle School’s Karate Program.  My name is Roy White and I am a KickStartKids instructor.  I am a 5th degree black belt (master rank). My goal is to provide quality Martial Arts training through Chuck Norris’s Karate System, Chun Kuk Do, meaning “The Universal Way.”

Expectations and Goals

Students are expected to wear their karate uniform for karate class, this includes, white gi (Karate top), white pants, belt and white t-shirt, the students may wear a gym uniform underneath their karate uniform. My goal is to reinforce the values that you are teaching at home through our KSK values curriculum.  This curriculum addresses discipline, respect, inner strength, healthy lifestyle, conflict resolution, and other values that will lead to being successful citizens in our society.  No matter the socio-economic background, these attributes can be developed in us all.

Required Course Materials

Karate Uniform with Belt

Folder with pockets and metal brads (any color) 

Writing utensil

Karate Fee (mandatory) $30 (1st year students receive a free uniform. Additional uniforms may be purchased for $15.00)

KSK and the American Flag Patches ($2.00) are mandatory and must be sewn on the uniform.