Welcome to room #3.
     I am looking forward to our new school year together.  Please plan on attending every parent event we will offer throughout the year.  We will share with you what your child's learning looks like with regular updates of information and pictures on our social media accounts.
     Look me up on instag and on twit .
     Be sure to set up a conference with me by calling the school if you should ever have any questions, comments or concerns. 
     Ms. Navarro
     Ms. Navarro  PK Teacher
    Conference time: 10:40 AM-11:30 AM
    Phone: 713-924-0350
    instagram logo Instagram:  navarro_ninfa  
    twitter Twitter:  @msnavarro_ninfa
    Getting the most out of the preschool experience only happens when your child comes to school on time and every day!   Do not let them miss school because you have an errand to run or someone has a cold.  Young children have growing bodies with weak immune systems.  Only fever, diarrhea and vomit are sings of an illness.  
    We are setting the foundation for lifelong learning and coming to school every day helps your little one realize school is important.