AVID - Achievement Via Individual Determination

    Avid helps students develop a vision for their future and gain confidence in their abilities as they learn the academic and life skills they will need to move forward  AVID trained educators teach students academic and social skills to help them develop habits and behaviors needed to succeed in a rigorous curriculum.



    Avid Instructional Methodologies, known as WICOR, were developed to open student access to rigorous college prep coursework.   

    • Writing as a Tool for Learning - The AVID curriculum has a strong writing component that includes the AVID note-taking system, an adaptation of the sophisticated Cornell system.  Not only do the notes help students clarify thought, but as students engage in writing for learning, their writing, reading and language skills become stronger.
    • Emphasis on Inquiry - Students are training in the inquiry method, based on levels of questioning (Costa 2001) to encourage students to own their own learning process.
    • Collaborative Approach - AVID teachers are guides, facilitators and coaches in a learning community of teachers, students and tutors working together for the success of the group.
    • Organization - Students use tools to organize their study materials and their time to maximize their learning.
    • Reading to Learn - The AVID curriculum emphasizes critical reading.  Academic reading is scaffolded to help students develop reading comprehension skills.

    AVID TUTOROLOGY incorporates inquiry into the tutoring process.  Tutors learn to utilize Costa's Levels of Questioning (text, explicit, text implicit, and experience based thinking beyond text) and focus on higher level questions in the tutorial process.  The inquiry process is facilitated by skillful questioning and provides students with the opportunity to become independent thinkers who master their own learning.  In the AVID Elective classes college tutors work with the students during two class periods a week in the AVID Elective classes.