Houston ISD Policy:

    Neighborhood schools are the foundation of HISD’s portfolio of educational options and the district is committed to ensuring that neighborhood schools are the first option for all families. Therefore, to continue to efficiently and effectively meet student need, the District has established procedures by which school enrollment is capped. Below is a brief summary of the procedures.


    ·         Overview: HISD students are zoned to attend a specific school and must be enrolled and placed in class at the school no later than 24 hours after the parent and student arrive at the school. As outlined in FDB (LOCAL), schools will fill available space in the school first with zoned students, then with students on Tier 1 and Tier 2 required transfers (federally and state mandated), then with magnet transfers, and finally with students on discretionary transfers such as principal’s agreement or other special transfers.


    ·         Description: When there is severe overcrowding at a school, the enrollment at that school has traditionally been capped and all further enrollments limited until a space becomes available. No discretionary transfers of any type will be approved for a school that has been capped either at the school level or in specific grade levels.


    ·         Note: If students have pre-registered for classes and do not attend on the first day of school, those places are declared vacant and become available for other students.

    BRIARGROVE POLICY: If a child is home sick on the first day of classes, a parent or relative representative with a current(less than 48 hour) doctor’s excuse for the child must be present and signed in at the front office. If the child is sick and the parent or representative must bring the child with them, they can arrive at 8:30 and wait in the nurse’s office until the 9am attendance call. Once attendance is secure, the parent (and child) may then leave campus. Doctor’s excuses presented after 9am on the first school day will not be accepted to hold a child’s placement.  

    Placements will not be held for any other situation.


    ·         Criteria for Capping:  Capping cannot occur until after the first day of school. A school will be declared capped when every class at every grade level is at its legal size limit, and there are absolutely no rooms available in which additional classes could be scheduled. A grade level will be capped when every class at a particular grade level for a particular program (i.e. bilingual, ESL, regular), is at the legal limit and there is no feasible possibility of a split class or any rooms available in which additional classes could be scheduled. Students attempting to enroll in Bilingual and/or ESL programs that are capped will require a Bil/ESL address exception to the designated hub school.


    ·         Identification of Capped Schools: Prior to the first day of school, the Office of School Support and the Elementary Schools Office reviewed current enrollment patterns and building capacity to identify hub schools to accept capped students. The list of campus hub groupings and the designated campus for each hub group will be distributed during the week of August 19. 


    For campuses which have met capping criteria in recent years, an SSO will visit the campus to assist the principal in fully identifying all rooms which may be used for classroom instruction. A full listing of classrooms and feasible potential rooms will be kept for reference by the Elementary Schools Office during decisions related to capping to ensure that all available rooms are used prior to making the determination to cap the school.


    For all schools, enrollment data and room usage will be reported by the campuses through the SharePoint document, and monitored by the Elementary Schools Office through campus visits, e-mail, and phone calls. The Elementary Schools Office in consultation with the Office of School Support Services will determine when a school has met the above criteria for capping.


    Transportation will be pre-arranged to accommodate capped students living more than two miles from the hub school.


    When a school reaches enrollment capacity as defined above, the principal must contact their assigned SSO. The SSO reviews all pertinent data and documentation with the CSO and the Office of School Support to determine whether or not to cap the school or the grade level.  A school which is designated as capped may not redirect a student who has already been in attendance at the school for any amount of time during the 2013-2014 school year.


    ·         Procedures for Redirecting New Students Attempting to Enroll at a Capped School:

    1.     Once a school or grade level has been declared capped, school personnel will enter the new student’s information in the Capped School Student Transfer form (see attachment) and direct the family to the designated hub school. Please provide the address and directions to the parents and ask them to report to the school as soon as possible to enroll the student.

    2.     The capped school, prior to the family leaving, must e-mail or fax the Capped School Student Transfer form to the designated hub school to alert the school that the student is being referred.

    3.     When a capped student arrives at the designated hub school, school personnel must enroll the student and provide transportation information.

    4.     As part of the enrollment process, hub school personnel will create a pending capped school address exception in Chancery.

    5.     The Student Transfer department will approve the capped school address exception in Chancery the same day.

    6.     Transportation should be requested for the student in Chancery by the hub school staff as part of the registration process.

    7.     Student Information Services will extract transportation requests and forward the data to Routing and Scheduling.

    8.     The Capped School Student Transfer form should be e-mailed, by the hub school to the Student Transfer Department for final processing and record keeping.


    The school’s enrollment and capacity status will be reviewed periodically to determine if the “capped” status must be changed. To ensure the continuity of a quality educational program and the preparation of spring exams at the student’s home school, schools will not be “capped” after Spring Break.

    For further information, please contact the Student Transfer Department at 713-556-6734 or email at StudentTransfer@houstonisd.org.