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    Sharpstown's PowerUp technology team is here to help students get connected. PowerUp started as a 1-to-1 (1 laptop per student) initiative to replace textbooks and increase student use and familiarity in a growing world of technology. With recent events, our students and teachers are better prepared for online learning because of the PowerUp program.

    Get Connected for Sharpstown Tech Support

    NOTE: Delivery of student laptops has been DELAYED until the START OF SCHOOL.
    Students will NOT receive laptop computers until school starts, but should complete the Laptop Agreement Form and bring $25 laptop fee.  PAY ONLINE >

    You will need to complete the Laptop Agreement Form and bring $25 to pay the laptop fee before recieving a student laptop.

    Download Agreement Form: English | Spanish

    NEW Sharpstown STUDENTS - It usually takes 2-3 days for your login account to be created, so you will not be able to pick up a laptop until your 3rd day after being enrolled. If you were previously enrolled in an HISD middle school and are promoting up to Sharpstown High School there should be minimal delay with your login.

    For your appointment, enter the school at the back via Braeburn Valley street and drive around the gym to park.

    We are in the gym hallway. Look for PowerUp signs!

    1. Visit Sharpstown High School at the scheduled time.
    2. Stop and park your vehicle in the parking lot by the PowerUp sign.
    3. Enter gym hall to pay, turn in form, and pickup your laptop.

    LAPTOP REPAIR (PowerUp OPENS AUG. 23th) 
    BOOK APPOINTMENT >> (Appointments are currently closed)

    2021-22 Tech Support (APPOINTMENT REQUIRED for Tech Support!)
    BOOK APPOINTMENT >> (Appointments are currently closed)
    Schedule your appointment to stop by PowerUp for support before school, at lunch, or after school.

    HISD Connect - Parent Student Portal INSTRUCTIONS

    The HISD Connect parent portal allows parents with several children to view information for all their children with one login account.
    You may view your child(ren)'s current grades and attendance at any time after creating your account.
    To create your account, access the PowerSchool Parent Portal and complete the following steps:

    1. Select the tab to Create an Account.
    2. Click the Create Account button.

      Enter Parent/Guardian Account Details:

      1. Your First Name
      2. Your Last Name
      3. Your Email Address
      4. Your Email Address again as the Username
      5. Note the password rules and enter your desired
      6. Re-enter the password.

      Complete the Link Students to Account section:

      1. Student Name: TYPE YOUR NAME
      2. Access ID: TYPE TOUR ACCESS ID
      3. Access Password: TYPE YOUR ACCESS PASSWORD
      4. Select your relationship with the student

      Repeat steps 7-10 for all students you would like to link to your account and click enter.

      You will be re-directed to a new login screen where you will enter the login username and password created above.

      Please keep your username and password confidential so only you can access the information for your student.

    Parent Links

    HISD Connect - Parent Portal

    Student Links

    Use your student ID email address: s#######@online.houstonisd.org
    Outside of school
    HISD SINGLE SIGNON - specify your domain with your login: student\s#######

    Office 365 - Student Email

    Office 365 - Teams virtual classes

    The HUB - Class assignments

    Student HUB How-To
    How to Access the HUB (.PDF)


  • PowerUp - Technology Services

    Sharpstown High School

    SHS PowerUp operates as an extension of the HISD IT department. For further technical support, please contact HISD IT's Service Desk. Parents and students, for online support, HISD has opened the HISD@H.O.M.E. Hotline - 713-556-INFO. 

    Teachers and staff, for your general HISD technology support needs, contact HISD District Office Service Desk:

    You may speak with a phone analyst by dialing 713-892-SERV (7378) during the hours of operation 6:30 AM. — 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. 
  • The Sharpstown High School PowerUp & Technology department is here to make life easier for the Sharpstown High School community, while providing access and information about the best technology available for the classroom environment. Using this support center you can get in touch with PowerUp, create new requests for support, and follow the progress of your requests. 

    The PowerUp team supports the following areas:

    • PowerUp initiative: 1 to 1 student laptops
    • Computer and Software Problems
    • Printers, copiers, audio/video needs