• Fish Camp is a great way for incoming freshmen to meet their classmates and learn about life at Carnegie.  This has been an annual event since Carnegie was a small program inside Jones High School.  Fish Camp begins Wednesday, August 21 and ends Friday, August 23, 2019.  The camp is at YMCA Camp Cullen, which is located on the shores of Lake Livingston just outside Trinity, Texas about 100 miles north of Houston.
    You can find more information by looking at these documents:
    Make sure to read each of these documents closely and fill out all forms and return them to the school in a timely manner. 

    During the two and a half days at camp, you will: 

     Learn to know other Freshmen with whom you will share the next four years 

    • Have free time to visit with old and new friends 
    • Meet Seniors and Juniors who will serve as counselors 
    • Participate in daytime activities that encourage sharing and trust 
    • Enjoy a late night under the stars 
    • Swim, play basketball and have a dance 
    • Eat the best camp food in East Texas 
     If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Garner at jgarner@houstonisd.org