• Environment
    CVHS ECO (Environment, Community, Outdoors) Club
    "Unplugging" students from the every day stresses of academics to reset in nature and communities through environmental/conservation service projects.
    • Camping at state parks
    • Community volunteer opportunities
    • Activities include hiking, camping, fishing, and archery
    • Classroom recycling pick up and sorting 
    Club meetings:
    12:25 PM every Monday in Ms. Ford's room (215)
    The club is open to any student interested in community, the environment, and/or outdoors. You do NOT have to be an expert outdoorsman to participate and camping/hiking are not a requirement to be in the club!
    All members must be in good academic standing, have paid dues, and provide a signed waiver to participate in off-campus activities. 
    For more information, email us: jamie.ford@houstonisd.org
    Sponsor: Jamie Ford
    Co-sponsor: Amy Masiglat