• This club is not currently active, but interested in new members! Contact rbohenic@houstonisd.org.
    When: TBD
    Where:  Mrs. Bohenick's room, room 106.
    Purpose: To promote creativity through photography, to share and critique the photographs of peers, to educate and improve technical skills, and to spread the love of photography throughout the Carnegie community.
    • Having an in group critique of photographs that members have taken at least once a month. This helps members of the club receive and administer constructive criticism in a positive environment, and encourages improvement of photography skills.
    • Having at least one photography-related outing per semester. This gives the members of the club an opportunity to test their photography skills outside of the school environment with each other.
    • Promoting photography throughout the campus. This can be done by posting pictures taken by the club around the school to demonstrate the photography skills of the members of the club while simultaneously advertising for more members to join.
    Mission Statement:
    “We, as the members of the photography club, seek to display our love of photography through the constructive criticism of our peers, leisure activities that involve photography, and the promotion of photography throughout the Carnegie campus.”
    Remind.com link: https://www.remind.com/join/e9b479
    Join for meeting reminders or club announcements. 
    Photography Study Abroad Intensive : Check here for an opportunity to study photography in Italy this summer! Applications are due in February. See Mrs. Bohenick about a related month-long program, also.