• WISE with CenterPoint
    W.I.S.E.  Club of CVHS 
    "Women in Science and Engineering"
    The purpose of our club is to provide information and opportunities for young women at Carnegie to learn more about careers in engineering and science.  2016-2017 will be the fifth year for W.I.S.E at Carnegie, and our club continues to grow.  We hope you will join us this year!  Last year we visited CenterPoint Energy at their downtown location, where we learned about transmission lines and how power is provided to Houston.  We also took a field trip to CenterPoint's showcase  in southeast Houston and learned about new technologies coming onto the grid.  Our young women had the opportunity to meet with female electrical engineers, managers, and field engineers who related their personal careers paths and job responsibilities.  We also hosted a luncheon question-and-answer session where students were able to sit and visit informally to ask questions of these professionals. 
    We are planning to continue our goals of meeting successful women engineers and scientists, through field trips and guest speakers.  If you are a returning member, consider taking on a leadership role this year!  Our goal is to help you grow, whether through career inspiration or leadership, or both!
    School Sponsor:  Anne Marie Wakefield
    Meeting Times:  Tuesdays at lunch, approximately every other week
                                    Listen for the announcements or stop by Room 234 for more information