• FBMS Dress Code

    Frank Black Middle School has a mandatory code of dress for all students.  

    Slacks / Pants / Shorts / Skirts: Pants, Capri pants, knee-length shorts or knee-length skirts must be tan/khaki in color and worn at the waist at all times.  No exceptions.  A belt may be needed to comply with this policy. Gym shorts will not be allowed to be worn over school slacks/pants.  Slack/pant legs will not be allowed to be tied, folded or rolled up.  Lycra and spandex are prohibited.   Leggins and tights are permitted for shorts or for winter wear underneath skirts.  Pants, shorts, capris, or skirts should not have any adornments or logos larger than 1 inch in diameter.  Sagging or baggy pants, jumpers, overalls, and midriff blouses are not permitted.  

    Uniform Shirts:  Solid red (6th), heather gray (7th) and black (8th) polo shirt or any FBMS-sponsored shirts are required wear. Shirts must be appropriately fitted and have no more than four buttons. Form-fitting or oversized shirts are prohibited. All shirts for boys and girls must be tucked in at all times during the school day. Shirts may not be cut or altered in any way. Only one undershirt is allowed to be worn under a uniform shirt and must be white, black or gray in color.  

    Shoes:  Open-toed shoes, house shoes, slippers, flip-flops, sandals or any shoe without a hard sole or back are not allowed.   

    Identification Badge: All students must wear ID Badges on a lanyard around their neck at all times. No exceptions.  Students without an ID Badge will need to purchase a temporary badge from their respective grade level clerk. 

    Jackets:  Outerwear may be worn during the school day but cannot have a logo or artwork measuring more than 2 inches in diameter. “Jackets” cannot be made of t-shirt fabric.  Outerwear must be FBMS or school colors.  Hoods from a hooded jacket or sweatshirt may not be worn indoors at any time.  Any outerwear that does not meet these criteria must be stored in the student’s locker during the school day.  No vests are allowed.  

    Hats and accessories:  No hats, caps, bandanas, scarves, ear muffs, hair wraps, combs, picks, costume wear, etc. are permitted on campus unless approved by the principal.  Hair must be a natural color.  

    Miscellaneous: Students may not draw words, symbols, designs, or the like on exposed skin. Any exposed tattoos that are deemed inappropriate by administration must be covered. Mouth jewelry, which includes piercing of the tongue, lips, cheeks and face is prohibited at all times. Earrings are the only piercings permitted.  No blankets are allowed on campus.   

    Non-Waiver of Dress Code:  A note from a parent cannot be used to excuse deviation from the FBMS dress code.   

    Clothing, jewelry or adornments deemed by administration to be a distraction to the learning environment is prohibited.