• Mr. Reed

    Mr. Reed

    Course: Beginning ESOL 
    Room 314
    Conference Period: 2nd Period
    telephone (713) 787-1700 
    Hello! Welcome to Mr. Reed's classroom. I'm really happy you are at Lee High School embarking on a new journey. Most of you just finished a long arduous journey to America and now you will begin another journey. This time you will not have to travel from country to country or cross oceans. This time you will need to stay in one place and open your mind. Learning to speak, to read and to write English will take everything you have; concentration, focus, a positive attitude and guts. I know you can do it because I have seen thousands of kids just like you do it.
    I have been teaching at Lee High School since 1993 with a brief three year hiatus teaching in the American School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I really like teaching at Lee because I get to teach and interact with interesting kids just like you. I am the sponsor of  "Girl Power Lee" and liason for P.A.I.R. I am the father of two beautiful children: Miguel (13) and Gabriela (8).
    Mr. Reed  
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