• Mr. Nolen
     Mr. Thorn 
     CTE Teacher &
     Customer Service Representative for PowerUp
     Email: nthorn@houstonisd.org 
     Grades Taught: 9 - 12
     Phone: 713-942-1430 
    Mr. Thorn has been with HISD for 30 years. He has taught at Austin HS, Sam Houston HS, Scarborough HS, and now HAIS.

    “I grew up in the El Paso, Texas - Ciudad Juárez, Mexico – Las Cruces, New Mexico international metroplex which has the largest bilingual, binational work force in the Western Hemisphere. The conurbation makes up approximately 3 million people. That makes working for the Houston Academy for International Studies a perfect fit for me. An international culture is what I grew up in and relate to."


    Mr. Thorn is also responsible for the campus technology,
    including HISD's 1:1 digital initiative called PowerUp.

Course Description

  • Principles of Applied Engineering provides an overview of the various fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics STEM and their interrelationships.

    Students will have an understanding of the various fields of engineering-technology and will be able to make informed decisions regarding career decisions.

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