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    J. Greene

    Grades Taught: 9-12
    Subject: CTE
    Conference Periods: 1
    Phone: 713-787-1700
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of Geographic Information Systems.  GIS is used to display all sorts of data associated with geolocations such as street address, longitude (x), latitude (y) and elevation (z). 

    What is a GIS?

    GIS is a key emerging and evolving industry with numerous career path opportunities.

    Geographic Information System (GIS) consist of the hardware, software, and data to capture,  manage, analyze, and display spatially geographically referenced information

    GIS helps us answer about:

    Location: What is at a given location?

    Condition: Where are certain conditions satisfied?

    Trends: What has changed since ...?

    Patterns: What spatial patterns exist?

    Modeling: What if ...?

    GIS is a powerful tool for representation and analysis of spatial information in the geolocations. In an effort to transform students from passive recipients on knowledge into active participants in an experiential learning venture.

    I use an approach that helps students apply the concepts and tools of GIS (Geographic Information System) to solve real world problems as well as conceptual activites. 

    A key aspect of the final project requires students to complete a quality literature review and develop a project proposal, which ultimately results in a poster presentation. 

    I will discuss how engaged students benefit from a writing assignments, discussions, and academic poster presentation of their final project.  Students are required to complete assignments and engage in classroom activities.





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