• Mr. Saucedo     Mr. Saucedo

        High School Spanish: Spanish III, IV & APB.S. Mathematics, Stephen F. Austin State University
        B.S. Modern Languages, Stephen F. Austin State University
        M. A in Spanish, Universidad de Salamanca, Spain.

        Email: gsaucedo@houstonisd.org


    Mr. Saucedo comes to YMCPA with an extensive background in language teaching. He has taught in Europe and earned his Master's Degree at the Universidad de Salamanca, in Spain. He also taught High School English in Paris, France and has been involved in creating the HISD Curriculum for Native Speakers of Spanish. In the past, Mr. Saucedo has sponsored the Mathematics UIL Team, UIL Spanish Team and directed the Mariachi Band at Milby HIgh School. He currently likes to spend his time reading and travelling around the world during the summers. He would eventually like to be a published author of Spanish fiction and poetry.

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