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    School Nurse

    Pearl Rucker Elementary maintains a nurse's office, staffed by a registered nurse. The nurse is responsible helping students with their health issues, medications, emergencies, and tracking the student body's immunization status.

    Administering Medication at School

    School Board Policy (in accordance with TEC §22.052) prevents nurses and teachers from administering medications of any kind at school without proper consent. Medications are required to be kept locked in the clinic. A written medication permission form with the original signatures of both a parent and the prescribing physician must accompany all medication including self-administration prescriptions for asthma. Each medication must be in its original container with an affixed prescription label listing the patient for whom the drug was prescribed, the drug name, and the proper dosage and administration route information. These guidelines apply to ALL medications.


    The Texas Administrative Code requires that “every child in the state shall be immunized against vaccine preventable diseases caused by infectious agents.” (TAC RULE §97.63) A list of required vaccinations is available from our school nurse. If a student fails to comply they will NOT be allowed to attend school (TAC RULE §97.66). Rucker Elementary School will notify the student in writing if they are out of compliance and will follow-up with a phone call to the parent or guardian. Please do NOT disregard this notice from our school nurse. It is your responsibility to be sure the school has your current address and phone number on file.



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    Student Campus Injury
    When a student receives any type of injury, however minor, the student must be sent to the school nurse.  If judged appropriate by the nurse, a report will be made and submitted to the main office, and parents will be contacted. The school nurse will be responsible for contacting the parent or guardian to inform them of a serious injury or medical concern. Calls will be made for true emergencies for example: fever above 100.4F, severe abdominal pain (with our without emesis), large open wounds (anything larger than 1 cm), bruises (larger than 1 inch, not related to falls), chest pains, or neurological disorders.

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    Asthma Action Plan: English   Asthma Action Plan: Spanish 

    Medication Admin. PCP


    Physician Request: Special Diet


    Emergency Plan: Seizure