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    Virtual Lesson Plans

     March 31 - April 3

    All assignments are due by Sunday 4/5/20 at 11:55 pm.

    1. Students should review powerpoint presentation and/or video recording on Gas Unit Conversions as found on the Hub.

    2.  Respond to at least one discussion on real life applications of unit conversions and post one of their own. 

    3. Complete Practice Problems as found on the Hub. 

    4. Complete quiz over Gas Unit Conversions.Quiz can be found in Ontrack. Link also available on the hub. Students will have 1 hr to complete the quiz. It will be graded. the Quiz will be open until Sunday @ 11:55 pm.


    *** Detailed instructions can also be found on the Hub in folder: Virtual school

     Link for Video Notes:

    Conversion Notes


    Link for quiz in ontrack: 

    Quiz Link



    March 6 - March 9 (No school on Friday)
    All Assignments will be due Sunday April 12th at 11:55 pm. Student assignment checklist can be found on the hub under week 2. 
    1. Students will review powerpoint slide and or video or Boyles Law found on Hub and or Teams.
           - The tab on Teams is labeled as Boyles/Charles Law. (Video and Link will be posted 4/5)
    2. Respond to at least one discussion board question and post your own question. 
    3. Complete Practice  Problems as found on the Hub. Answers have been provided. 
    4. Complete quiz over Boyles Law and Charles Law as found in ontrack
        ***** Note: if you are using a personal laptop (no school issued), you will have to access ontrack through digital resources on the hub. You also must have a lockdown browser downloaded and enabled otherwise youwillnot be able to access the quiz.
    ** Detailed instructions can be found on the Hun in folder: Virtual School - Week 2