• UIL Sports and Activities Only 7th and 8th grade students are eligible for University Interscholastic League (U.I.L.) sports on campus.

    Participation in any U.I.L. activity requires a passing grade of 70 or higher in all subjects. Listed are the U.I.L sports and activities on our campus: 1. Girls’ Volleyball 2. Football 3. Girls and Boys’ Basketball 4. Cross Country Track 5. Girls and Boys’ Track and Field 6. Intramural Softball’ 7. Boys’ Soccer 8. Cheerleading and Dance Teams 9. Marching Band

    Student clubs and performing groups such as the band, choir, and athletic teams may establish rules of conduct and consequences for misbehavior that are stricter than those of students in general. If a violation occurs, the consequences specified by the school (Student Code of Conduct) shall apply in addition to any consequences specified by the organizational leadership.

    All rules and guidelines for clubs must be submitted and approved by the principal.

    Either the club sponsors(s) or the coach must supervise all activities from preparation to parent pickup upon completion of the activity. HAZING/CORPORAL PUNISHMENT IS PROHIBITED