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    Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy

    Annual Fund


    A gift to the YWCPA Annual Fund will ensure that:


    •   The day-to-day quality of an YWCPA education is preserved and protected
    •   Our academic, athletic and extracurricular programs are enhanced to benefit all YWCPA students
    •   STEM-rich activities and field lessons are made readily available to all YWCPA students
    •   Students are able to build character education, leadership, and health/wellness skills


    Each YWCPA student relies on the support and generosity of parents, faculty, staff, members of the board of advisors and friends of the YWCPA community to secure the quality of an YWCPA education and assure a solid financial future for the campus.

    All gifts, of any size, are needed and welcomed. An important benefit of supporting the YWCPA Annual Fund is that the entire school benefits from your generosity; and, the gifts are unrestricted, so they can be directed to areas with the greatest need. All gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.


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     Thank you for supporting the YWCPA Annual Fund!


     1906 CLEBURNE ▪ HOUSTON, TEXAS 77004 ▪ (713) 942-1441 (P) ▪ (713) 942-1448 (F) ▪ https://www.houstonisd.org/YWCPA

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