Great things are also happening at Frank Black Middle School.  FBMS is a whole child school so, by design, there are a wide variety of options, choices and activities available to all of our students.  Our specialty is advanced academics but at Frank Black our philosophy is that an expansive mind, a well-developed character and a well-balanced life requires more than just strong academics.  We have dozens of programs, events and opportunities to develop all sorts of interests, passions and abilities.  At FBMS, we strongly encourage a sense of community, a sense of balance and sense of well being. 
    Middle school can be challenging.  Middle school can be rewarding.  Middle school can be about finding yourself.  Middle school should be about laying the foundation for a successful and fulfilling adult life. 
    And, at FBMS, we strongly believe that in addition to all of those things, middle school should be fun. 
    Our "Campus Life" sections highlights a few of the many activities that contribute to the overall mission at our innovative and dynamic educational institution.