• Furr Film Gallery

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      Houston Hispanic Forum (2015)

      A short infomercial piece about the Houston Hispanic Forum carreer expo. This enriching event an opportunity for all students to learn about the exciting carrer fields available in the Greater Houston area! Play
    • Game Days (2015)

      A animation made by our students for a profesional development seession of our teachers "3 completely different players' experiences on their pathway to Game Day, which one are you?" Play
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      Juliet Stipeche (2015)

      A short video styled as a "Draw my Life" in which we homenage to our beloved board member. And thank her for everything she does for Furr and our community. Play
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      Dreamers (2014)

      Dreamers undocumented students unwillingly brought to America by their parents. They face many discrimination and inequalities for the sake of a mistake they did not make. Play
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      Action (2014)

      Pollution is rampant on Houston due to environmental injustice; our students researched the issueas behind this dangerous corporate crime because they want to become the voice of their comunity. Play
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      Jacquie's River(2015)

      Dioxins are toxic chemicals contaminating the San Jacinto river. This is story of a family who was made victim of this environmental crime. Play
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      The Class Clown (2015)

      Senior project made by the class of 2015, a small comedic piece about a incorregible prankster who learns his lesson. Play
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      About Furr (2015)

      A small "Draw My Life" video. About the recent history of furr high school; the challenges it has faced, our mission and the core philosophies that have made our school grow. Play
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      Because of you (2014)

      A short video developed for the CTE deparment; in which our 2014 graduating seniors thanking the educators that marked their lives. Play
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      Eternal Spring (2014)

      Eternal Spring is a homage to Furr High School's caring, dedicated, and wonderful Dr. Bertie Simmons. Play
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      CTE - Are you Ready? (2014)

      A short commercial about the CTE carreers offered at Furr High SchoolPlay
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      Your Soul (2013)

      An animated presentation  to the tune of "Tracy Chapmant" Showcasing the hard work of our students.Play
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      Being Victor (2010)

      A documentary about Furr's famous homeless valedictorian. His struggle, his passion, his dreams and push for succes. Play
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      Otherside (2011)

      A documentary showcasing the sharp contrasts between the prosperous side of houston and "the other side of town" Play
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      Advancing Towards the Future (2012)

      A informational documentary about Furr High school's push for academic excellence through a proliferous Advanced Placement program. Play
    • Kolter 50 Years of Happiness

      Kolter 50 Years of Happiness (2012)

      Celebrate with Kolter Elementary School for their 50 years of being an amazing school, a school full of rich history and jovial students excited to help and learn. Play
    • Magnet Commercial

      Magnet Commercial (2010)

      A brief introduction to E.L. Furr High School. Its many opportunities and what we hope to accomplish along side with you: that your dreams come true. Play
    • Silent Love

      Silent Love (2009)

      A short silent film about an awkward girl that is in love with a boy, and her trek on finally confronting him about it. Play
    • Blowing in the Wind

      Blowing in the Wind (2009)

      A new program at E.L. Furr High School that is based on wind energy, a programs that will open new opportunities for students and pave the way for Furr's future as a green school. Play
    • Spanglish

      Spanglish (2007)

      Some cultures are lost, and other cultures are fused. This is a video about a couple of stories comparing and contrasting the life one would have in Mexico or the United States. Play
    • Across A Distant Border

      Across A Distant Border(2005)

      A heartbreaking story of a family that wishes that the eldest son could have had the chance to experience the american life alongside with them, although they visit when possible. Play
    • Who Am I

      Who Am I(2006)

      A young boy accepting who he is instead of following crowds and bad habits. He understands that just because of his profile it shouldn’t stop him from doing what he enjoys. Play
    • My Princess

      My Princess(2006)

      This video shows us the importance of family. When things start to shift for the worst you still have someone to turn to, even as a kid. Play
    • Rodrigo's Story:A Documentary

      Rodrigo's Story:A Documentary(2007)

      A kid born premature surrounded by the people who love and wish the better for him and his health. Even with his difficulties they don’t lose hope or love. Play
    • Never Let Go

      Never Let Go(2007)

      In loving memory of Jesus Antonio Leon Perez. A film made by someone who loves him, where she introduces us to the life that they shared. Play
    • La Frontera

      La Frontera(2007)

      An old video about a family coming over to America for a better life. Although they get far their life is at pause because they don’t have the same rights due to where they’re from. Play
    • The Adventures Of Froggie

      The Adventures Of Froggie(2006)

      Follow the thrilling adventure of Froggie the Magical Frog, as he journeys through Furr High School. Play
    • Stick Man

      Stick Man(2007)

      See this amazing video of a stop motion Stick man that kills it in his awesome guitar solo. Play
    • Stick Man


      A deep short film portraying rage and frustration, sending a strong message through it's unique story. Play