• Dear Panthers,

                Oh the Places you will go! Like Dr. Seuss shares in this great book, life will be full of adventures and we want to help you be ready for all that is to come. Are you ready to be successful at Davis High School? This year, our goal is to give you a learning experience that will guide you to reaching those goals. We are working hard to provide top notch classes that are interesting and beneficial to your future plans. The main component in this equation is YOU and your desire to reach YOUR goal. We have three big areas we are focusing on with you in mind:

    1.     Be respectful

    2.     Be responsible

    3.     Be safe

    As you grow into adulthood we will be working to help you be respectful through your words and actions; to take responsibility for your actions and in the activities you engage in; we also encourage safety in all you do! Lastly, we want you to EXCEL- always give your best and make choices that lead you to greatness. This should be something you strive for daily. Will it be hard? At times it will! Will you always get it right? Not always, but we will be there to help you get through it and be better the next time. Can you do it? Of course!

    A few things will stay the same, but there will be a few changes this upcoming year:

    1.     Dress code is still- no shorts, no spaghetti straps and no sagging! Shoes must have backs and cannot be slides or house shoes.

    2.     Senior lunch will still require a parent signature and permission- for SENIORS only.

    3.     Freshman will not have a full hour lunch until mid-year- we must prepare you for this privilege to ensure you succeed. Your teachers are working to help you use this time to be successful!

    4.     School times are still 7:40am to 3:16pm and breakfast will still take place in first period.

    5.     Everyone will need a laptop- we need your $25 to check it out to you, the sooner you pay the quicker you will have access.

    We want you to be successful and this is a team effort. Parents, we welcome you- research shows parents who are involved have students who reach their goals and are successful. Educating our students will take all of us working together! Are you ready? We are- let’s make 2015-2016 the BEST!

    Looking forward to a great year,


    Dr. Julissa Alcantar- Martinez

    Proud Principal