• Overview

    At Kolter Elementary, we strive for foreign language excellence! With this in mind, we had volunteers form an Enhancement Committee, which was comprised of administrators, language teachers, homeroom teachers, and parents. The committee discussed perceptions, ideas, and solutions in order to make Kolter’s language program stronger, better, and more meaningful. The following changes will strengthen our language program:

    1.      Homework

    Your child will have weekly homework in language class that will come home in the Tuesday folder.
    • Each week the homework will be posted on the Kolter website. 
      • Click on Academics-->Magnet Program-->Homework-->Assignments
    • There will be a “theme” of the week along with pictures
    • Your child will select an option from the Homework Menu, practice the language at home, and turn in the homework for credit
    • Kindergarten will not have mandatory homework to submit like grades 1-5 because it’s the first year exposing them to the language/culture and they rotate through all three languages during the course of the year. 

    2.      Grades

    Your child (grades 1-5) will receive a grade in language. This grade will NOT be on the HISD report card and will NOT count towards their overall average. A separate language report card will be generated each nine weeks to reflect your child’s participation with classwork, homework, projects, and assessments.

    3.      Proficiency

    Your child will be taking specific language assessments: BOY (Beginning Of Year), MOY (Middle Of Year) and EOY (End Of Year). The assessments will be geared towards measuring proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing (type and level is dependent upon the grade).

    What will the homework be each week?
    Each week the homework will have a “theme” with pictures that go with that theme. The Homework Menu will provide various activities from which your child can choose. Additionally, there will be a list of Common Words/Phrases posted online each week that will support the theme.
    • All of the activities will have been reviewed in class so your child will be familiar with each one. 
    When is it due each week?
    Your child will be expected to complete ONE of the items listed each week and turn the homework into his/her language teacher by Thursday or Friday of that same week (depending on your child’s schedule). Your child should put his/her homework in the blue conduct folder. We strongly encourage you to visit your child’s foreign language teacher’s Wiki page for reference.
    What happens to the homework after it’s turned in to the teacher?
    Depending on the activity completed, the homework may come home with your child to utilize it for ongoing practice. Please remember the purpose of homework is to support what your child is learning in the classroom.
    How else can I help my child in language class?
    Navigate the website to Academics --> Magnet Program --> Homework --> Helpful Resources. If you find other helpful websites and/or apps, please forward them to your child's language teacher so we can add them to our website.