HISD's policies for Gifted & Talented students are based on Texas Law & Gifted Education. Law: TEC §29.123: The Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students forms the basis of program accountability for state mandated services for gifted/talented students.

    HISD serves gifted/talented students in a learning continuum provided through two program options:

    • Vanguard - District wide Magnet program that serves students in grades K-12
    • Vanguard Neighborhood Program - District wide program that serves students in grades K-12

    These designs must follow the Revised Gifted and Talented Curriculum Framework Scholars and Knowledge.

    How To Apply

    G/T Admissions Guidelines

    Vanguard Magnet Admission Process

    • Complete Vanguard Magnet application
    • Submit to your first choice of Vanguard Magnet school
    • Coordinator will contact you for any necessary testing
    • Student’s folder is submitted to a centralized Vanguard Admissions Committee
    • Qualified students are placed in a lottery if there are more qualified applicants than spaces

    Vanguard Neighborhood Admission Process

    • Complete Vanguard Neighborhood application
    • Submit to neighborhood school
    • The Vanguard Neighborhood Coordinator will notify you if any testing is necessary
    • Student’s folder is submitted to a campus Vanguard Admissions Committee
    • All qualified students are provided services in their neighborhood school
    • If a student applies to the Vanguard Magnet program, qualifies, and does not accept a position in a Vanguard school, that student may apply to the Vanguard Neighborhood program in the school he attends.  Vanguard Neighborhood Kindergarten applicants are assessed during the fall semester and if identified, served by March 1 of that year.  The Vanguard “Entering Kindergarten” assessment does transfer to Vanguard Neighborhood Kindergarten.