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    The Milby High School Alumni & Friends Foundation (MAF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization formed August 26, 1998, working in conjunction with the Milby Alumni Association (MAA).  The organization is composed of non-paid volunteers gathered to help maintain the national standards for which Milby High School is known.  These volunteers contribute their time, energy and support to the organization.  
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    MAA is supported primarily by raising funds from alumni, friends and community businesses.  Our goal is to raise money for student scholarships, teacher grants and school improvements.  

    Your support, involvement and contributions enable us to create wonderful opportunities for the school, its students and staff. 
    Milby Alumni Foundation Mission Statement
    1. Make college scholarships available to Milby graduates who have distinguished themselves by academic achievement and/or financial need

    2. Provide financial grants and awards to faculty members for continuing education

    3. Provide for the enhancement of school facilities and support of school activities