• Bruce Elementary School qualifies as a campus wide Title 1 school. Our Title 1 funding is based on the number of students who are on free/reduced lunch. It is a federally funded program in which funds are used to ensure a high quality education for students that would help them meet the state standard (currently STAAR – State of Texas Assessment for Academic Readiness).

    Title 1 funds are used to supplement our current programs, accelerate instruction for struggling students, provide professional-development for teachers and paraprofessionals,hire highly qualified personnel,give additional resources – technology, personnel, materials, instructional programs, software, and to encourage parent and family involvement.

     At Bruce Elementary School we are committed to using our Title I funds to impact student learning and achievement to the maximum!

    If you have any questions regarding Title 1 please contact our Title 1 contact ,Jennifer Mills, at jmills2@houstonisd.org.