• The mission of PAIR is to empower refugee youth to reach their highest potential by connecting them with college and community volunteers to build positive mentoring relationships and provide educational programs that offer academic enrichment, cross-cultural understanding, and the resources and motivation to pursue higher education and other opportunities. At the same time, PAIR provides its volunteers with leadership opportunities and experiences that increase their understanding of global issues and ability to work with diverse cultures.
    The vision of PAIR is to work with nearly 450 refugee youth annually by 2015, helping them become adjusted, engaged, and self-sufficient members of society. PAIR's programs are part of an integrated series that follows students from shortly after their arrival in Houston in their middle-school years through high school and into post-secondary education. By supporting vulnerable youth during their critical early adjustment to their new lives in the Houston community, PAIR's programs allow youth to pursue an educational path that will improve their quality of life and fully develop their potential.