Welcome to Fine Arts

  • Welcome to the Pin Oak Fine Arts Department


First Name Last Name E-mail Art Area Room Number
Autumn Beckman ABeckman@houstonisd.org Photography, and Yearbook A109
Katherine Goldman Katherine.goldman@houstonisd.org Theatre D108
Frank Huezo FHuezo@houstonisd.org Guitar and Stage Band D102
Angela Roth ARoth@houstonisd.org Cooking and Urban Agriculture A100
Cindy Sather CSather@houstonisd.org Art and Ceramics B141
Lindsey Slavin LSlavin@houstonisd.org Art B140
  • Art

    Try your hand at becoming an artist! Art students study the Elements of Art and Principles of Design, art history and analysis, and practice many different styles of art. We offer Beginning Art to 6th graders as an opportunity to explore a variety of materials. Students in 7th and 8th grade can take Intermediate Art, Advanced Art, and Ceramics. Intermediate is much like Beginning Art but for older students, and Beginning Art is not a prerequisite. Advanced students keep an art journal all year, participate in contests, and attend competitions and field trips. Ceramics students pursue their interest in clay by hand-building all semester. Anyone taking an art class can buy an Art Department T-Shirt and have artwork hung in our school art exhibition. Art students have participated in the following: Pin Oak Art T-Shirt Contest, HISD Holiday Card, Doodle 4 Google, Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, Rodeo Quickdraw, Scholastic Art & Writing, Jr. Visual Arts Scholastic Event, and the Texas Renaissance Festival Art Contest.



    We have membership opportunities for all POMS students, whether experience with band or a beginner in band for the first time. Beginner Band instruments include: Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba and Percussion. Beginner Band Activities include: Holiday Concert, Fat Tuesday Concert, Gator Festival Trip, Spring Concert, POMS Solo Contest. Intermediate and Advanced Band activities include: Fall Concert, POMS Homecoming Football Game, Bellaire/Lamar HS Football Game, Charger Fest, HISD All-City, TMEA All-Region, POMS Solo Contest, Mid-Winter Concert at Bellaire HS, Pre-UIL and UIL Concerts and Contests, Great Wolf Lodge Trip on Odd Years, Disney Orlando Trip on Even Years.



    Come and Sing! This is a course in which students are introduced to the technique of choral singing. Students learn to read music using solfege, simple rhythms, key signatures as well as vocal production and ensemble singing. Students will be introduced to all types of music, performing in large and small groups. Students are involved in several programs throughout the year. Some of the choir performances include Broadway Show, Bellaire Holiday in the Park, Holiday Concerts, Pop Concerts. Students who complete one year are eligible for one of the advanced classes: Advanced Girls and Show Choir. These groups participate in contests and travel out of state to New York or Disney. Come and sing with us! This is not like your elementary music classes. We do lots of fun activities throughout the year. Sixth graders travel to San Antonio Fiesta Texas each year, so bring your friends, sign up and get ready to Sing!



    With delicious smells and healthy dishes, students learn how to make basic recipes and will be introduced to foods from other countries. We will be sharing recipes across the school community. 



    Dance Education focuses on the development of artistic growth and physical wellness.  A quality program should help students develop perception, creative expression/performance, historical and cultural heritage, critical evaluation, and perceptual thinking and moving abilities in daily life that promote an understanding of themselves and others.  The curriculum emphasizes participation in body movement and awareness, conditioning movement, movement principals and skills, self-discipline, and healthy bodies that move expressively, efficiently, and safely through space and time. Movement is taught using ballet, jazz, modern, lyrical, hip hop, cultural dance, and improvisation techniques.  Instructional activities stress an understanding of cultural and historical context, decision-making skills, critical and creative thinking, making informed decisions, cooperation, citizenship, and leadership.



    Come learn how to play guitar. The Pin Oak guitar program can take you from Van Morrison to Van Halen in just three years. You will learn to read music, the theory behind music, and most importantly how to apply these things in a popular music environment. Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran, Metallica, and 21 Pilots, are all covered as you learn to play guitar and function in a group setting that you can take with you in any “real world” playing situation.



    Students in Pin Oak Orchestra learn to play Violin, viola, cello and String Bass. They will have many opportunities to perform all styles of music and have many opportunities to travel. Recent years have taken the orchestra to Disneyworld, New York, and San Antonio. Students also will have the opportunity to compete in Region Orchestra, Solo and Ensemble, and UIL. There are 3 levels of orchestra at Pin Oak. Students who have never played an instrument would participate in Beginning Orchestra and students who played a string instrument in elementary school will be placed in Intermediate or Advanced orchestra by audition. Playing an instrument engages all areas of the brain and stimulates intellectual, creative and social capabilities leading to more self-confidence and higher self-esteem. Sign up for orchestra as an elective! You’ll be glad you did!





    Pin Oak has two levels of piano classes, beginners and students who have already started to study the instrument. All students are encouraged to learn at their own rate. Students learn pieces, scales, and techniques.


    Stage Band



    Come explore the lives of others through the theatre arts! 6th Grade theatre opens students up to not only performing in front of their peers but also the behind the scenes elements. Students explore monologues, characterization, duet scenes, plays, improvisation and text analysis throughout the school year; as well as elements of design, the structure of theatre, and the technical elements needed to support the storytellers on stage. From 6th Grade, students can continue the study of theatre in Intermediate or Advanced Theatre, which do require after school commitments. Advanced Theatre competes with a One Act Play through UIL, and Intermediate Theatre produces their own show as well. We do an early Spring Musical every year! Theatre is a great way to get to know yourself, and your peers.


    Urban Agriculture

    Pin Oak has its own little farm type of activitiy. We raise hens for their organic eggs and both edible and ornamental plants.  We support wildlife with our native plantings and also donate to our Farm to Table Cooking class.  Various Farmers’ Markets will occur where families can purchase herbs, vegetables and fruits. Flower arrangements will also be for sale at announced times.