After-School Specialty Programs

  • A variety of (fee based) after-school classes called "specialties" are offered to students during three 12-week sessions throughout the school year. Specialty classes meet twice a week, either M/W or T/Th.  Students in grades K-2 may select specialities during 3:00-4:15 pm. Students in grades 3-5 may select specialties during 3:00-4:15 pm and 4:15-5:30 pm. Specialties do not meet on early dismissal days. Sign-up occurs just before each session begins.  In the event class registration exceeds space, a lottery will be held for those spaces.  

    Specialties change during the school year and vary by grade level.
     Please contact Ms. Niksch with any questions.

    Due to COVID 19, we currently do not have any information when After School Care and Specialties will resume.

    • Session 3 Specialties


      K – 2nd Grade Specialties (3:00 – 4:15)

      • Meet the Masters art class – Art history explored through hands-on experiences through different mediums. Students will learn about famous artists and the history of their techniques.
      • Soccer learn the basics of soccer
      • Art ExplorationIntroduction to art mediums and techniques using art history, variety of materials, and the student’s imagination.
      • Dance a mixture of assorted styles of dance and creative movement
      • JumpBunch - Introduces children to a wide range of activities in a fun, positive manner and encourages healthy habits, improved coordination and confidence through physical fitness.
      • Chess Beginner - Students will learn the basics of chess.
      • Chess Intermediate For students who already know the basics and want to learn strategies to improve their play. May also have the opportunity to play in tournaments.
      • Outdoor Games - kickball, basketball, wiffleball, etc. Does not include soccer.


    3rd – 5th Grade Specialties (3:00 – 4:15 and 4:15 – 5:30)

    • Filmmaking - Learn the basics of movie production. Students will film their own movies, learn how to edit, write scripts, & produce their own movie.
    • Crocheting
    • Hopscotch - learn how to design mobile games and incorporate real-world coding concepts such as loops and conditionals.
    • Mad Scientists - Conduct hands-on experiments, learning about chemical reactions, states of matter, chemical bonding.
    • Audio Production – This class will introduce students to how sounds are produced and used together to create music for songs and movies.
    • Soccer – Learn the basics of soccer
    • Anime/ComicsLearn the art of animation through comics, cartoons and the Japanese style called anime.
    • Photography Students will photograph scenes related to the world within, discovering all the possibilities of photography. Cameras provided.
    • Guitar Students will learn basic guitar chords and songs.
    • Special FXDiscover the art of special effects along with sound and playwriting.
    • Robotics Students will design and build programmable robotic mechanisms with Lego Mindstorms® education kits taught by American Robotic Academy
    • Chess Students will learn the basics of chess and have the chance to compete in various tournaments.
    • Outdoor Games – kickball, basketball, wiffleball, etc. Does not include soccer.
    • Brain Gaming - strategic thinking & logic games
    Please contact Ms. Niksch for additional information.


    Registration is CLOSED.