• Weekly Communication via the Tuesday Folder: 

    Each student is given a durable folder with his/her name on it at the beginning of the school year - these are called “Tuesday Folders” because they are sent home with the child each Tuesday.  Tuesday Folders not only contain your child’s graded work, they are also one of the best ways to stay informed about the Roberts community.  Every week you will receive the school newsletter The Front Page, fliers about upcoming activities and fundraisers, information about volunteer opportunities and much more.  Parents are asked to sign the inside of the folder and return it to the classroom with their child.  Parents may also use the Tuesday Folder as a way to send items back to the teacher or PTO such as signed field trip permission forms.


    To help reduce paper waste and duplicate copies of each flyer for multiple child families we have developed the following system: if you have multiple children, your oldest child will receive all the forms and your younger children will have the letter “S” (for “sibling) written on label of their Tuesday folder next to their names, indicating they will only receive child specific flyers/ forms. If you wish to not receive any paper handouts in your child’s folder (aside from grade cards and other child-specific information) you will have an opportunity to indicate that, and your child’s folder will then receive a green dot. Note: a copy of the Front Page will still be included in green dot folders to ensure everyone receives important school information.