• Library


  • Monday - Friday:
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm 


  • Library Hours:    


    Students are welcome any time between 8-4. Students must have a valid pass including time, date and teacher’s signature to come to the library any time from 8:30-3:50. 

    Students may fill out a library lunch bunch application and receive a pass if they wish to come to the library during their lunch period after they have eaten in the cafeteria.

    Book Circulation 

    Students may check out up to 4 books at a time with a valid ID.  Books are due three weeks after checkout date. Students can renew their checkout if necessary. 

    Overdue books are charged a fine of $.10 per day, up to $10. The fine begins on the 3rd day past the due date. Students may pay their fines or arrange to work before or after school to pay their fine.  Students will no longer be able to check out books if they have more than a $40 balance on their account until that balance has been cleared.  *When a student turns in their overdue book, the fine will be cleared. If a book is damaged or lost, the student may be charged a $10 fine.  

    In addition to physical books, library patrons may check out eBooks and utilize eResources via the HUB or library webpage. All eResources can be accessed on or off-campus.

    Faculty and Staff can check out unlimited books. 

    Library Computers 

    Library computers are available for faculty, parent and student use before, during and after school.  Students are only allowed to visit websites that are school appropriate.  *Students with outstanding book fines will not be able to utilize the library computers. 

    Student IDs 

    Students must have an ID to check out books and to use library computers.  A valid temporary ID is acceptable.  

    Students will be issued one free id and lanyard. Any additional ids can be purchased in the library for $3/id card and $2/lanyard.   

    Class Visits 

    All teachers are welcome and encouraged to bring their classes to the library to check out books, utilize the library classroom space, and/or library computers. Stop by the library, call or email ccooper8@houstonisd.org to schedule a visit. 

    Teachers can send individual or small groups of students to the library with a valid pass. 



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