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    Web Apps and their Data Privacy, Security and internet Safety Ratings using the PSS Rubric


    *Roll-over the icons to see the privacy/security ratings. Click on the roll-over card to open it. Icons with a RED glow when hovered over are to be used with extreme caution.

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    For questions or comments about the Privacy, Safety and Security ratings, contact Education Technology 
    *We are in the process of re-evaluating apps to reflect the changes made in the applications security & privacy policies*
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    A list of applications where we were able to point out security vulnerabilities in their encryption strength & servers. A few of the applications listed below have been contacted directly through email, phone calls, Social Media, in person, or have attended a conference where PSS was presented & the vendor present requested to see how HISD has rated their application & asked us what we look for when rating them & how can they improve their ratings.

    Encryption Improvements