High School

  • PowerUp Student Laptops

    Sharpstown students have the advantage of having school laptops issued to them through an HISD initiative known as PowerUp. Learn more on the Sharpstown Powerup page.


    Using Technology Responsibly

    Sharpstown HS students should follow the HISD Code of Student Conduct concerning the use of technology resources, including using laptops, Wi-Fi, and other technology systems for educational purposes only, using school computers and related equipment appropriately, and reporting all observed or suspected technology security problems immediately to a teacher or administrator. 

     Please be aware, there is no privacy on HISD school computers, in that teachers and administrators may easily and legally view files stored on school computers at any time. 

     Students are furthermore asked to follow these rules:

    1. Do not open other people’s files, or violate copyright laws by copying other people’s work, whether that work is stored on a school computer or on the Internet. 
    2. Do not download or install any program, whether it is commercial, shareware, or freeware, onto any school computer. 
    3. Do not view, send, access, download or store offensive web sites, messages, pictures, or other material on school computers. This includes material which is vulgar or pornographic or which promotes violence or hate. If you don’t want teachers, deans, parents, or the principal to see it, then avoid it yourself. 
    4. Do not go into chat rooms, hangouts, video chats, nor use instant message programs except where directed as part of a teacher-led activity. 
    5. Do not submit or reveal your real name or any other personal information (phone numbers, addresses, birth dates, etc.) about you or others through any web site, chat, email, or app unless asked to do so by your teachers or parent. 
    6. Do not print without permission. 
    7. Keep your password a secret; don’t share it with anyone. Change your password from the default. 
    8. You may not use a computer to harm other people or their work. 
    9. You may not damage any part of the computer or network in any way. 
    10. You may not exceed any disk space you may be given on a school computer. 
    11. You many not manage a personal or commercial web site using school computers. 


    As users of the Sharpstown High School computer network, students must agree to comply with the rules stated above. 

    Sharpstown students will be held accountable for their actions.  They may lose privileges associated with their laptop if they should violate Sharpstown’s Appropriate Use Policy. 

  • PowerUp Fees

    • PowerUp is a districtwide initiative aimed at preparing students for the world beyond the four walls of the classroom. Part of this effort includes the district’s one-to-one laptop program, which eventually will provide every high school student with a laptop to use for learning at school and at home. For this privilege, each student is required to pay an annual, non-refundable $25 security deposit fee. Under HISD Board of Education policy, questions regarding fee eligibility should be directed to the school principal. For additional information, please see PowerUp.