• Learn about the benefits of veganism for health, moral, ethical, and enviornmental reasons.

    The goal of the Veggie Club is to raise awareness of how animal agriculture affects animals, the environment, and our health. 


  • Ms. Denise
    Email: DMANCINA@houstonisd.org
    I became a vegeterian in the summer of 2016 for health reasons. I didn't want to become another statistic in the popular disease: Diabetes. I studied more and realized how this earth needs me to be Vegan. I turned Vegan in New Years 2017.

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  • Mr. Deeds
    Mr. Deeds
    Email: Rafferty.Deeds@houstonisd.org
    I originally became a vegeterian for moral reasons, but now I advocate cutting out meat for health benefits. I used to work in produce, and that opened my eyes to variety possible with a vegeterian diet. My favorite foods are sweet potatoes, serrano peppers, arugula and mangos.

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