Faculty and Staff Directory

Name Title Email
Aguirre, Margarita Magnet Clerk Margarita.Aguirre@houstonisd.org
Alvarenga, Claudia Student Information Rep / Attendance calvaren@houstonisd.org
Arredondo, Antonio Biology, Chemistry antonio.arredondo@houstonisd.org
Barnes, James AP Statistics, Statistics 2 (honors) jbarnes2@houstonisd.org
Bohenick, Rachel English I, Photography rbohenic@houstonisd.org
Brode, Julea Algebra I, II Julea.Brode@houstonisd.org
Buchanan, Beverly Clerk / Receptionist bbuchana@houstonisd.org
Casperson, Kris AP English Literature, AP Psychology acaspers@houstonisd.org
Ceja, Jose CIT - Laptop representative jcejalar@houstonisd.org
Chapman, Veronica Counselor & College Coordinator (last names M - Z) vchapman@houstonisd.org
Chen, Stephanie Precalculus BC, Advanced Math Topics, AP Calculus AB & BC schen2@houstonisd.org
Davis-Owen, Kristen AP World History, Comparative World Mythology, World Religions kdavis12@houstonisd.org
Duncan, Shannon Nurse Shannon.Duncan@houstonisd.org
Edwards, Darnell College & Career Readiness Advisor Darnell.Edwards@houstonisd.org
Ford, Jamie Biology, AP Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Scientific Research & Design, Girls Cross Country, Track & Field Jamie.Ford@houstonisd.org
Frau, Marcello Counselor & College Coordinator (last names A - L), 504 Coordinator mfrau@houstonisd.org
Garcia, Joshua Chemistry, AP Chemistry, AP Physics 1, Boys Track & Field Joshua.Garcia@houstonisd.org
Garner, Juan Assistant Principal, AP European History jgarner@houstonisd.org
Gueneau, Claire French I, Spanish I, AP Research cgueneau@houstonisd.org
Guidry, Betty Counselor Clerk bguidry@houstonisd.org
Haney, Charlotte AP Human Geography, 1968, World Wars Charlotte.Haney@houstonisd.org
Harris, Erica IAT, AP English Language, Creative Writing eharri10@houstonisd.org
Hernandez, Christina Administrative Assistant cherna11@houstonisd.org
Hill, Heather AP Research, TPSP, Film Analysis hhill4@houstonisd.org
Houghton, Robert AP English Language, AP Seminar Robert.Houghton@houstonisd.org
Inchaurregui, Miguel Algebra II, AP Statistics Miguel.Inchaurregui@houstonisd.org
Jimenez, Luisa Spanish III, AP Spanish Language, AP Spanish Literature, Spanish VI ljimenez@houstonisd.org
Kulkarni, Sanjog Geometry Sanjog.Kulkarni@houstonisd.org
Lamane, Abderahman Physical Education, Health, Weightlifting alamane@houstonisd.org
Lee, Josephine English I, Journalism jlee18@houstonisd.org
Masiglat, Amalia AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, Biology amasigla@houstonisd.org
Matsu, Melissa Dean of Instruction, AP Coordinator mmatsu@houstonisd.org
Maxey, Ellen Registrar ellen.maxey@houstonisd.org
Moss, Ramon Principal rmoss@houstonisd.org
Moumni, Lamia Magnet Coordinator, Campus Testing Coordinator lmoumni@houstonisd.org
Nichols, David Special Education Chairperson dnichol1@houstonisd.org
Ostrovsky, Maxim English II, Debate mostrovs@houstonisd.org
Parker, James AP Art History, English II, AP English Literature jparker1@houstonisd.org
Ramon, Jennifer Precalculus, AP Calculus AB jramon1@houstonisd.org
Ramones, Armand Algebra II, Computer Science, AP Computer Science aramones@houstonisd.org
Reed, Elizabeth Student Support Manager, Communities in Schools ereed@cis-houston.org
Rodriguez, Raymond Art I - IV rrodri16@houstonisd.org
Rodriguez, Marina Chemistry, Physics mrodri20@houstonisd.org
Savage, Steward Theatre Arts I-III, Tech Theatre I-II, Shakespeare, Productions I-II ssavage1@houstonisd.org
Savala, Patricia French I-III, AP French Language Patricia.Savala@houstonisd.org
Schmidt, Colleen AP Human Geography, AP Computer Science Principles cschmid1@houstonisd.org
Schulz, Jane AP World History, AP US History jschulz1@houstonisd.org
Schulze, Cindy Librarian, Yearbook, Journalism Cynthia.Schulze@houstonisd.org
Scott, Miyuki Physical Education, Dance, Health, Spirit Team, Volleyball miyuki.scott@houstonisd.org
Shields, SaMantha AP Seminar sshields@houstonisd.org
Tran, Quang AP Government, AP Macroeconomics, 1968, World Wars, Tennis qtran@houstonisd.org
Vence, Veronica Spanish II, III vvence@houstonisd.org
Wakefield, Anne Marie AP Physics 1, AP Physics C Anne.Wakefield@houstonisd.org
Wendt, Nathan AP US History nwendt@houstonisd.org
Williams, Terry Campus Police Officer TWILLIA1@houstonisd.org
Wilson, Beverly Business Manager bwilson3@houstonisd.org