• Dear Parents,
    Welcome to fourth grade. Both you and I want the best possible year for your child. Together we can make this possible. Please make sure your child has all the school supplies needed as soon as possible. This enables your child to get off to a great start.
    The following are some important classroom policies and procedures for the school year:
    Homework is given daily Monday-Thursday. Occasionally, homework will be given on weekends/holidays. Please sign or initial each homework assignment in your child's agenda daily. There is a space provided for parent's signature. This helps to verify your knowledge of his/her work. Also, check daily to see if these assignments are completed and understood. If your child is showing any difficulties, please reinforced by giving extra on separate paper.
    If any missing homework, classwork, or tests are not completed by the next day, your child has two (2) days to turn it in.
    Graded papers will be sent home once a week in the Wednesday folder. Some times work may be sent home on Thursdays.
    100-90=A   89-80=B   79-75=C   74-70=D   69-BELOW=F
    Please send a written excuse for your child's absence on the day he/she returns to school. You have at least three days to send a note in or your child will receive an unexcused absence. If possible, ask someone to bring home class/homework.
    The school nurse will be unable to administer medications without the parent's and doctor's signature of form No. 40.3740. Teachers can not administer medications or cough drops. Students may not bring medicines/cough drops in pocket to take during school.
    Expect the best. I will be sending home weekly conduct reports. Please sign and return promptly.
    If you have questions/concerns during the school year, you may contact me at school @ 281-983-2800. Conferences are to be requested at least one day in advance. Classroom time is devoted to your child.
    Mary Lightfoot