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     Mr. Turolski
    2017 HISD Beginning Teacher of the Year 

    It is an honor and privilege to be the recipient of the HISD Middle School Beginning  Teacher of the Year Award. There are many talented and dedicated first-year teachers in  HISD that are also deserving of the award. I feel lucky to have been selected.

    I share this recognition with my students, for the hard work and effort they put into making this year a success, and with the BCMA Ryan faculty and staff, who have been  instrumental in my accomplishments this past year. 

    Mr. Dabas
    2017 HISD  Asian American Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award

     I am receiving Asian American outstanding teacher of the Year 2016-2017 award. This award is presented by the District’s Asian Advisory Committee. It recognizes three outstanding teachers for their contributions to students’ performance. Teachers are selected from the elementary, middle, and high school level.

     I feel very happy and honored for receiving the award. I want to thank our wonderful principal for nominating me for this award. I started working at BCMA from the inception of this amazing school. I am fortunate to work with a dynamic group of colleagues who bring passion, professionalism, and determination to the classroom each and every day. I started as a new teacher and I have learned a lot from this wonderful team. We work as a team and are always ready to help each other. Working at BCMA is a dream come true. This is my 4th year and I have made some good friends. Every school is built on a strong foundation and that foundation is our principal- Dr. Jyoti Malhan. She had a vision for this school that focused on the whole student. That vision is now a reality.

    Thank you


     Mr. Duesterbeck
    BCMA Teacher of the year 2017
    I appreciate the award, especially at this stage of my career. It is a blessing to be acknowledged by my peers for the work that I truly enjoy. It is rare that an educator has the opportunity to receive this type of recognition and for me to have received this award twice is a true blessing.

    I really enjoy being a founding member of BCMA. I have enjoyed being a part of the evolution of this school and I feel blessed to know that I have had a small part in the success of BCMA. We have come so far in such a short amount of time. I challenge others to find another lottery magnet school that has accomplished what we have in only four years.

    Dr. Williams