Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Yong Park

Mathematics teacher

Mathematic education degree from University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa AL

25+ years of teaching experience 

Teaches AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and Pre-Calculus (Pre-AP)

  • About course(s) taught

    Pre-Calculus (Pre-AP): To prepare students for advanced mathematics in college that include Calculus. Trigonometry is taught in this course. 

                                     Prerequisite: Algebra 2

    AP Calculus (AB): This course will be taught with collegeboard curriculum and students will take AP Calculus test in May to earn Calculus 1 college credit.

                               In order to earn College credit, students need to make score 3 or above on AP test that is administered by collegeboard.

                               Prerequisite: Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry.

    AP Statistics: Students will discuss how to gather data, how to display data, how to calculate probability, analyze data, and draw conclusion based on statistical evidence.

                        Students will earn college credit by scoring 3 or above on AP Statistics test in May that is administered by collegeboard.

                        This course put emphasis on statistical analysis, reasoning skill and technical writing skill.

                        Prerequisite: Algebra 2