Shelby Steward

    Department: Social Studies


    Room: S236


    Email:   Shelby.Steward@houstonisd.org

    Phone: 281-920-8000 ext. 036356
    About Ms. Steward
    • 2016- Westside High School's Beginning Teacher of the Year
    • 2017- HAABSE Secondary Teacher of the Year
    • 2018- Westside High School's Teacher of the Year
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    • Twitter @DonutClassroom (students and guardians are recommended to follow to keep track of current events related to the course and updates of the class.)
    Why we Study Geography

    "As the world grows smaller and more interdependent daily, our country's future absolutely depends on our ability to see the connections between ourselves and our global neighbors."    ~ Gilbert M. Grosvenor

     Prep World Geography World Geography Syllabus
     AP Human Geography AP Human Geography Syllabus
     Lesson Plans: 
    Prep World Geography World Geography Lesson Plans
    AP Human Geography AP Human Geography Lesson Plans
    • Tuesday and Friday during the first 20 minutes of lunch
    • Saturday Mornings 9:00 am-12:00 pm (Saturday sessions will be announced ahead of time)