• Syllabus –2019-2020
    Skills for Living and Learning, High School

    Curriculum: Unique Learning System

    Unique Learning System is the district-provided online curriculum we use as our classroom curriculum. The academic content standards in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies are aligned with TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills). This curriculum prepares students for the state-required STAAR assessments.
    The lessons are modified to make sure all students have a way to participate and learn. Lessons include stories, chapter books, comprehension activitieSaves, writing activities, math lessons for time, money, counting and problem solving, as well as recipes, craft projects, and science activities.

    This school year, each month, there is a new topic built around a science or social studies theme. The following is a list of the topic each month and a description.
    Unit 9 – September- Leaders in our Lives (Government) – Identifies the role of federal, state, and community leaders and their impact in our lives
    Unit 10 – October – Knowing our Ecosystem (Life Science) – Learn about ecosystems and biomes and the dangers they face
    Unit 11 – November – Where does it Come From? (Geography) - Identifies how trade affects transportation, technology, and global change
    Unit 12 – January – What’s the Matter? (Physical Science) – Investigates various physical and chemical changes in matter
    Unit 13 – February – Leaders for Peace and Equality (History) – Study of people in history who played a role in promoting peace and fighting discrimination
    Unit 14 – March – Energy is Everywhere (Physical Science) – Study of different types of energy
    Unit 15 – April – But I Want It! (Economics) – Discussion of wants and needs and budgeting
    Unit 16- May – Our Changing Earth (Earth and Space Science) – The study of Earth and many changes it undergoes
    Lessons will be supplemented with hands-on activities, interesting videos, and community-centered outings to engage your child in learning.