• HISD's Improvement Required Campuses

    HISD is working to transform underserved and underperforming schools through increased supports and centralized assistance, BUT STATE LAW THREATENS SEVERE CONSEQUENCES FOR LONG-STRUGGLING CAMPUSES.

What is the law?

  • House Bill 1842 Texas House Bill 1842 states that if a campus remains on “improvement required” status under the state’s accountability system for five or more consecutive years, then drastic measures must be taken by the Texas Education Agency.

What are the consequences?

  • school closure Under HB 1842, the Texas Education Agency must close the campus or replace the district’s locally elected Board of Education with a state-appointed Board of Managers. A Board of Managers would serve for a length of time determined by the Commissioner of Education and oversee the entire district, not just the affected schools.

How does Senate Bill 1882 help?


    SB 1882 offers incentives for school districts to partner with an outside organization such as a nonprofit, institute of higher education, or a charter operator. Under a campus turnaround partnership, HISD would surrender control over hiring and governance to the partner entity. Any turnaround partnership would result in a potential increase in state funding and a two-year exemption from certain state accountability interventions for that campus.

    • Before entering into any partnership under SB 1882, the HISD community would first be asked to provide feedback on potential partners. The district would have to create a model or agreement with a potential partner, which would then require HISD Board of Education approval for the partnership to be established.
    • The HISD Board of Education must approve and submit any proposed SB 1882 turnaround partnerships to the Texas Education Agency by February 4, 2019.

4 HISD Schools at Risk

  • Henry Middle School

    Highland Heights Elementary School

    Kashmere High School

    Wheatley High School