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Mrs. Martine Hiers

Individuals and Societies

Year 3 (8I) — U.S. History

Mrs. Hiers recently moved from Orlando, Florida where she taught 8th grade U.S. History. She is a former United States Marine and graduate of the University of Central Florida where she majored in Social Science Education. She is an energetic and rigorous proponent of interactive learning experiences which she believes are crucial to her goal of making History an enjoyable and interesting subject for her students to study. When she is not instructing her students, she enjoys touring museums, going on road trips with her husband, and crafting.

Course Overview

8th grade U.S. History explores 6 majors units of study. Unit 1 focuses on colonization of North America, with a focus on the 13 English colonies and their early influence on American government and culture. Unit 2 explores the founding of the United States by examining the American Revolution. Unit 3 is a focus on the U.S. Constitution and Government where students will study the principles of U.S. government. Unit 4 is titieled a New Nation and studies the early years of the United States by focusing on the first 6 presidents. Unit 5, A Growing Nation, follows America through Westward Expansion, Industrialization and Reform. Unit 6 ends the year by examining the Civil War and Reconstruction.

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